Donald Newcomb's Genealogical Database

Version 17. Primary topics are Newcomb, Childerston, Romann, McFaull, Sabarte and Lecuona surnames. This is a work in progress. I've been working hard to document my work and remove undocumented lines. I know this database has errors and inconsistencies. Where I know of them, they are commented and the individuals are marked in red. If you find yourself listed in here, except as a source or unless you are famous, please contact me ASAP. I've tried to privatize all living persons, except the famous ones. I apologize to any centenarians. Unless I learn otherwise once you're past 101 years, I presume you're deceased. (R.I.P.) Please let me know if the rumors of your death have been exaggerated. Information is current as of 8/28/2020. This update includes a number of new records added in the last few weeks. This site relies on JavaScript. When I don't know the maiden name of a married woman, I normally use the husband's surname in square brackets (e.g. Jane [Smith]). This is done to avoid confusing her with every other woman in the database with the same given name. People and lines with known issues are shown in red (Beware). A family history is only as good as its sources. Information with no sources may have been just copied off the net and can be viewed as suspect, at best.

I have been finding new information based on my recent DNA test. DNA is a powerful but poorly understood and under-utilized tool. Too many people get a DNA test simply to learn their ethnicity, which is probably the least accurate thing one can do with his DNA. If your DNA has been tested by one lab you should seriously consider uploading the raw DNA file to the other sites that allow it, particularly

Please don't take anything you find here too seriously. Genealogy is like stamp collecting; history viewed through a microscope. It's harmless as long as you don't take it too seriously.